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A Nigerian Christian refugee fleeing from Boko Haram killed in Italy


A Nigerian Christian namely Emmanuel Chidi Namdi was attacked violently in Fermo, Italy. Emmanuel was left unconscious after the attack and was rushed to a hospital. 36-year-old Nigerian refugee was attacked by an unknown assailant, who was brandishing a road sign. The Italian police has hooked a man on suspicion of killing the Nigerian refugee.

Nigerian Christian attacked in Italy

According to an Italian clergyman, Father Vinicio Albanesi, who assists refugees, told the media that the victim Emmanuel Chidi was brutally beaten and soon fell unconscious, He was rushed to the hospital where doctors explained that Emmanuel was in a coma. “The assailant continued to kick and punch him even when he was lying on the ground.” Father Vinicio explained. The Christian refugee succumbed to his injuries in the hospital while in a coma on Wednesday, July 6.

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Emmanuel and his wife fled to Italy in 2015, via sea route from Libya. They fled from violence as terror group Boko Haram attacked their village which was a predominantly Christian village. The Christian couple had lost their child and parents as result of the Boko Haram attack, after surviving the attack they opted to flee.

On Thursday, July 7 the Italian police stated that the 38-year-old, suspect Amedeo Mancini, who is an Italian national was motivated by racism. However, the defense counsel of the suspect said that the circumstances of the incident had not been fully established.

The Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told the media that Italy welcomes refugees with open arms. “Italy isn’t represented by Amedeo Mancini. Fermo and Italy continue to champion welcome” for refugees.

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stated: “The government today is in Fermo, alongside father Vinicio and the local institutions in memory of Emmanuel. Against hatred, racism and violence.”