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A Pakistani Christian Detained In Saudi Arabia For Alleged Drug Trafficking


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Christian detained in Saudi Arabia facing beheading penalty.


A Christian detained in Saudi Arabiaover alleged drug trafficking
A Christian detained in Saudi Arabia over alleged drug trafficking

According to details, Mehmood Masih, a 40 years old Pakistani Christian son of Iqbal Masih, has been sentenced to death by beheading in Saudi Arabia. Mehmood is resident of Sargodha district, Punjab while his brother and nephew are detained as hostages in Mardan, KPK province, their detainers forced Mehmood to inhale capsules of drugs threating to kill his brother and nephew otherwise.


Mehmood Masih was running a video center in Joharabad, Sargodha district. One day he was contacted by Munawar a shopkeeper of Joharabad, Dera, who was working for a disreputable drug smuggler who had previously used many persons for drug smuggling to Saudi Arabia. This group has connections with owner of a travelling agency in Sher Gargh, Mardan-KPK province. Mehmood gave 250,000 Rupees for a Saudi Arabian employment visa to Munawar.  After some days Munawar brought a Saudi visa and asked Mehmood to travel to Islamabad for his flight. Appealed by the Saudi Visa Mehmood went to Islamabad along with his brother and 11 year old nephew and Munawar.

When they reached Islamabad, a fabricated story was told that the flight was very late and will take-off the day after tomorrow. All of them were then taken to Mardan, KPK, and where locked in separate places. Here Mehmood met the owners of the travelling agency accomplice of the drug trafficker gang , who made threats that they will kill his brother and nephew if he denied to inhale drug capsules. He was told that his brother and nephew are in an isolated place, and, if he does not follow instructions, both hostages would be killed. In desperation he ingested 93 capsules in all and boarded on the flight to Qatar from where he has to take flight for Saudi Arabia.

During the journey he felt nauseous and vomited. Some of the ingested packets ruptured; some capsules came out during egesting. As he reached Qatar airport a person came and told him that his brother and nephew have been released, and that he can talk to them, so he should not believe that in such business no false promises are made. With the next flight, he reached Dammam airport, where his condition was very unstable. He went directly to airport authorities and told them he was carrying capsules. He narrated the story and told them someone would be waiting at the airport. The authorities asked him to hand over all the capsules and that he would be released. However, he was arrested and then sentenced to death by beheading afterwards.

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that several Pakistani citizens are presently locked up in Damman Prison in Saudi Arabia owing to the notorious drug trafficking gang; facing death by beheading for allegedly trafficking drugs into Saudi Arabia. Worsening the situation, the Pakistan embassy and its consulates in Saudi Arabia have uterly refused to help their own citizens.