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A Pakistani Christian Family Faces Deportation In Thailand Because Of Lack Of Finances


ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani Christian family facing deportation on account of lack of finances.

Pakistani Christian family faces deportation in Thailand
Pakistani Christian family faces deportation in Thailand

According to details, this Christians family fled Pakistan to Thailand because of persecution over their Christian beliefs, however currently this family is facing serious problems and threats of being executed in Pakistan if they are deported because they cannot afford the fees to renew their visas.

As sources say, Sarfraz was targeted as a result of the relief and aid that he provided to local Christians who had lost their homes and businesses as a result of religious extremism and attacks on Christians by the religious fanatics burning down churches, business of Christians and their homes in 2012. The family went into hiding when persecution of Christian intensified in the country in 2013. With the help of others, Sarfraz was able to escape to Thailand and his family was eventually capable of joining him one by one. The death threat hanging over the heads of the Sarfraz and his family cannot be neglected since it was the reason they fled Pakistan. The cost of renewing the visas is $1,500 per person.

 According to a local Pastor Donald Luszczewski,” their trial is just beginning because of the issues surrounding legal immigration.”

He explained, “The family has applied for asylum with the United Nations, but it is a lengthy process. The family is not allowed to work and the children cannot attend school until they have been in the nation for two years. This month, the visas for Sarfraz, his wife Shazia and their son Roni are set to expire. Children under 15 do not need a visa. Without this visa, they will be deported back to Pakistan and face certain death.” He urged all to help this family saying, “This is serious. The situation is dire. I am asking anyone who can, no matter your faith, to please help save this family, to keep them together and out of harms way.”

 Unfortunately, there is not much time left for the Christian family, as they have managed to raise only $2,230 with four days left on the clock.