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A Pakistani Christian journalist flees as religious extremists pile death threats on him


David Irfan

Lahore: A Pakistani Christian journalist forced to flee amid increasing life threats.

According to details, David Irfan, a Pakistani Christian journalist who was serving as the editor of “Saawan International”, a monthly Christian Urdu magazine had to flee from Pakistan as he was constantly receiving serious death threats.

In line with the details, David Irfan, was persistently raising issues of the marginalised Chrisian community specially highlighting the issues of persecution of Christians in Pakistan. His endeavours for emphasizing on the plight of minorities in the country became irksome to the hard-line extremists who started threatening him and his family.

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Reports have it, that David started receiving more and more threats after he actively and exclusively covered the incidents of bombings in churches of Youhanabad and the incident of burning of Joseph colony in his monthly magazine.

His inner circles reveal that David was on the hit list of religious extremists who were constantly sending him threatening SMS and making him intimidating phone calls, the threatening aggravated in July 2015 to such an extent that David finally decided to flee.

Up to this point, it is uncertain as to where he has been hiding however; his pursuers filed a case in court demanding a ban on publication of “Saawan International.” They claimed that the monthly magazine is engaged in tarnishing the image of Pakistan at international arenas.

An online news website “Pakistan Christian Times,” which was also being administered by David Irfan reports: “A renowned Pakistani Christian journalist namely Mr. David Irfan has not only been hurled threats of dire consequences for putting him to death but also to his other family members.

The threat was extended by some Muslim militant extremists from Pakistan. One of the Muslim extremist in Pakistan has gone even to such an extent that through his “declaration” declaratory statement has tried to justify the killing of Mr. David Irfan.”