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A Pakistani woman dropped her newborn baby at a Church in New York


A Pakistani Muslim woman dropped her newborn baby girl Maheen at a church. Details reveal that the staff and clergymen at the Our Lady of Refuge church were shocked when a two-week old baby was brought to the church by her mother, grandfather and cousins.

Pakistani Muslims in US

On November 20, Father Saint Charles Borno, was leading a pre-Thanksgiving prayer service when his perish secretaries informed him: “Father, we have a situation.” He was informed that a Pakistani Muslim mother had come entrust her bay to the church. The perish members were shocked initially but later extended helping hand to the mother and immediately started caring for the baby.

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The family of the baby said that for a certain reason they were unable to take care of the baby. The perish staff tried to figure out ways to help the family and the baby. Father Borno called the diocese; they advised calling the police or fire department. The perish staff called 911, “A lot of cops came,” Lafortune Frantz Lafortune, the cantor said.

New York States law allows anyone to leave their newborn baby at a safe haven within 30 days. These safe haven locations include churches, hospitals, police stations or firehouses. Father Bomo said that police made sure that everyone was okay. The Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) was called by the police. ACS representatives arrived after two hours meanwhile the baby remained entrusted to the perish staff.

“I became a father,” Father Borno said after he held the baby in his arms. He expressed a personal feeling of responsibility to take care for this little gift of God. “This is a testimony of who we are as the Church. The Catholic Church cares for the helpless. I feel like I fulfilled my duty as a priest,” he said.

A week later the baby was left at Our Lady of Refuge, Frantz Lafortune’s cousin brought the baby to her home. Maheen is now safe and secure with her new family while Father Borne expressed thankfulness that his perish was able to play a supportive role in this entire episode.