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A Pastor and Church Under Threats In Samundari


FAISALABAD: Pastor and Church demands protection from the Government machinery.

Sumandari- pastor under threat
Sumandari- Pastor under threat

Pastor Kenneth Peter L. Dean from Universal Church of Gospels of Pakistan appeals to the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, DCO- Faisalabad, RPO – Faisalabad and CPO-Faisalabad to provide protection to the local Church and Pastor against assaulters.

Pastor Kenneth’s appeal reads as follows:
“Respected sir,
With all due respect, I wish to state that I have been in service of God since past 24 years. I have been a Pastor to the Universal Gospels Assembly of Pakistan Church in the village Batemasabad from past 17 years. A large number of Christians from local and nearby villages along with far flung small towns attend the Sunday meetings at my Church and get blessed by God and glorify God’s Name.
A few years back a man named Munir in collaboration with his relatives started tethering his cattle on Church property. This property was a piece of land registered to the Church as per the law. Munir carried on desecrating the Church and started illegal construction on the site. A case was filed on the order of Assistant Commissioner of Sumandari under sections 32/34 of Pakistan Penal Code and illegal construction was bulldozed thereby.
As a result, Munir tried to wreck the peace of our village. He has illegally occupied the Church property again this sabotage has caused much harassment in the area. I have never delivered a sermon which contains hatred for Muslims, because I am custodian of House of the Lord and messenger of love. I have never let go of reverence and ethics because I am different from them.
Despite this, is this fault that I preach Truth and Righteousness? Munir and his accomplice made a full fledge plan to kill all my family and therefore heavily armed they attacked my sons Brian Peter, Ishaq Peter and Brother Cornelius to kill them.  They smashed these three brutally and left the scene. The culprits subsequently came to me and asked me to,” pick up the dead bodies of your sons.”

It is a miracle from the Lord that my sons and brother are alive however, they culprits threaten me that they will attack the Church. Moreover, they use loudspeakers and play vulgar songs just outside the Church premises. Owing to their influence, the police was reluctant to register the case for four days, finally when the case was registered a “faithful” policeman fore warned them to get bail before arrest.
Therefore, the culprits are still free to harm us, and are still threatening us to kill all of us. They are likely to target me and my sons, demolish the Church building even attack the Christians coming to the Church for prayer meetings. In these circumstances, we want to abide by the law yet the culprits are constantly violating the law blatantly. We want peace but they are determined to ruin the peace of this village at any cost.

I request you to order an inquiry into this incident and arrest the culprits and provide security to the Church and my family.
Pastor Kenneth Peter L. Dean
UniversalChurch of Gospels of Pakistan
462 G B Samundari.”