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A picture of Junaid Jamshed holding hand of Hadiqa Kiani earns him another controversy


Junaid Jamshed faces criticism

Junaid Jamshed who is a singer-turned-scholar is once again in the limelight for his contentious picture with singer Hadiqa Kiani.

According to media reports, Junaid Jamshed who previously gained fame as a lead vocalist of musical band ‘Vital Signs’ came under severe criticism on social media over his recent controversial picture with various celebrities. In the picture Junaid Jamshed can se seen holding hand of Hadiqa Kiani.

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This recent controversial Junaid Jamshed’s picture got viral on social media and masses have strongly criticized him of having double standards. People are hurling harsh comments and criticism over Junaid Jamshed on social media.

Previously, Junaid Jamshed had to face rigorous criticism when he stated in a Tv show that “God dislikes that any woman should be named in the Quran. Shortly, after his comments on air, social media explode against Junaid Jamshed however he promptly came up with a video message in which he presented a clarification of his statement.

He was also taken to task on another social media platform twitter by another famous Pakistani pop star Ali Zafar. In his conversation with Junaid Jamshed, Ali posed few questions and tried to convince him about coming up with a song themed around to respecting women.