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A Policeman Shot A Christian Accused Of Blasphemy Dead In Adiala Jail

A policeman shot a blasphemy accused dead
A policeman shot a blasphemy accused dead

Pakistani Christian pastor Zafar Bhatti’s trial for allegedly violating Pakistan’s blasphemy law never got to the court verdict stage. Nonetheless he received an extrajudicial judgement when he was shot dead Thursday September 25 in his Rawalpindi prison cell.

The motives of the alleged gunman, a member of an elite police unit, aren’t known, who also shot another blasphemy accused, 70-year-old British citizen Muhammad Asghar.

Police arrested Zafar Bhatti in 2012 on suspicion of sending “blasphemous” text messages, despite evidence indicating that the phone from which the messages were sent didn’t belong to him he was kept behind the bars.