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A Pregnant Christian Woman Beaten And Stripped Naked By Two Muslim Men In Sheikhupura


SHEIKHUPURA: A three-months pregnant Christian woman beaten and stripped naked by two Muslim men.

Elishba Bibi
Elishba Bibi

According to details, 28 year-old Elishba Bibi was attacked in Christian Colony, Rana Town, in Sheikhupura district of Punjab province on November 16. Alleged suspects Muneeb and Mobeel Gondal allegedly attacked her because she had argued with their mother and sister. The two men beat her and stripped her naked and adding to her tragedy she was three-months pregnant and as a result of beating she suffered a miscarriage.

Elishba Bibi told police that she was beaten with a pipe, stripped naked and dragged into the street before she passed out. She was rescued after her Christian neighbours called police. She also added,

“The suspects also snatched my mobile phone, a gold necklace and 1,000 rupees that was my salary.”

As a result of this incident Christian activists in Pakistan on Thursday called for an immediate arrest of the allegedly suspected brothers involved in stripping a pregnant Christian woman naked and beating her.

Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra, who is rights activist and Chairman of Human Liberation Commission of Pakistan (HLCP) condemned the attack, saying it was stimulated because of Elishba Bibi’s faith. He also condemned the reluctance of police to arrest the suspects after almost two weeks. He expressed doubts that the police could be conducting a half-hearted investigation with the intention of vindicating the suspects.

Moreover, a protest was also staged outside the Lahore Press Club by Aslam Pervaz Sahotra and many other Christian activists demanding a strict action against the suspects involved in this incident.