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A Property Dealer Refuses To Give House On Rent To A Christian In A Muslim Neighborhood


A Christian dennied house for rent
FAISALABAD: A Christian denied residence in a Muslim neighborhood.

In line with details, Ilyas Masih who was originally resident of a village of District Faisalabad intended to migrate to Faisalabad. In order to rent a house, he contacted a local property dealer who deceived him after receiving rental payment.

Ilyas Masih, as Pakistan Christian Post reported, contacted with a Muslim property agent, both of them agreed and signed a rent deed after which the agent took payment including advance rent and his own commission but later on denied him lodging in the house.

After receiving the payment, the agent told Ilyas to bring his luggage from his village and the custody of the house will be granted to him on his return. However, when Ilyas returned with his stuff to settle in the new home, the agent refused him giving custody of the house.

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According to the agent, there were homes of Muslims in the surrounding therefore; he would not give the house to a Christian.

Ilyas Masih sought to migrate from his village to Faisalabad after his two young daughters were gang rapped by local Muslim men last year. As a result of growing pressure from his fellow villagers to withdraw his complaint against the rapists, he had to leave his village.

The case of alleged gang rape of his daughters is pending to be heard by Additional and Session Judge, Jaranwala. All the while, Ilyas has been receiving life threats from the culprits and influential men of the village. He later on approached a Christian lawyer and discussed the matter with is defence counsel in the rape case.