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A secret group of nuns works undercover to save women from sex trafficking


Talitha Kum

A secret group of sisters has embarked upon the task of saving women from sex trafficking.

According to details, a network of nuns is currently working under cover in brothels in at least 80 countries, around the world. This group is known as “Talitha Kum” which includes about 1,100 nuns. These undercover nuns are striving to free victims of sex trafficking and slavery.

In keeping with details, these nuns dress like prostitutes and creep into brothels in several countries across the globe. By this method they are able to liberate victims of sex trafficking along with buying children who are sold into slavery.

While speaking about “Talitha Kum,” John Studzinski, who chairs this group, has revealed that he is looking forward to expand this group’s operations in 140 additional countries.

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John Studzinski is the investment banker, philanthropist and vice chairman of The Blackstone Group, while addressing the Trust Women Conference on women’s rights and trafficking said, “These sisters do not trust anyone. They do not trust governments, they do not trust corporations, and they don’t trust the local police.

In some cases they cannot trust male clergy. They work in brothels. No one knows they are there. I’m not trying to be sensational, but I’m trying to underscore the fact this is a world that has lost innocence, where dark forces are active. These are problems caused by poverty and equality, but it goes well beyond that.”

During this conference John Studzinski told the attendees that Talitha Kum is an Aramaic word which means “Arise child.” Talitha Kum also generates money to procure children who are sold into slavery by their own parents in Africa, Philippines, Brazil and India and many other such countries. This is a new network of houses for children around the world who would otherwise be sold into slavery. It is shocking but it is real,” John Studzinski said.

John Studzinski further said that “Talitha Kum,” was founded back in 2004. Currently, this group is taking great pains to rescue victims of sex trafficking, most of the times these nuns disguise as sex workers and walk the streets.