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A suspect of rape case shot dead by police in Sheikhupura


Suspect killed

SHEIKHUPURA: Police shoots a suspect allegedly involved in a rape case.

According to latest reports, a suspect allegedly involved in girl sexual abuse case has been shot by police officer during an escape attempt in Sheikhupura District of Punjab.

In line with the details revealed by the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA), the suspect Muazzam Haroon was an obsessed criminal. Muazzam was required to police in 19 various cases which include sexual abuse, mobile snatching many other street crimes.

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Muazzam was arrested by Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) only a few months ago in a rape case of two girls. Subsequently, his DNA test report came positive and was soon to be convicted by the court.

The police revealed that Muazzam was shot by a police officer on duty when he tried to snatch gun from an on duty officer.