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A Syrian Christian Preffered Death Over Converting To Islam


A Syrian Christian man severely tortured by ISIS yet refused to convert.

A Christian man severely tortured yet refused to convert
A Christian man severely tortured yet refused to convert

43-year-old Christian, Salem Matty Georgis, remained in the Syrian Christian town of Bartella after it was captured by ISIS. According to details, Georgis was suffering from heart disease and could not leave the town with his family because of his illness. Georgis hid in his home for three weeks, but ultimately ventured outside in search of food. He was then confronted by an ISIS patrol in town.

“The patrol arrested him and tried to force him to convert to Islam, but he completely refused. Thus, the militants beat him and tortured him until he died in their hands,” a relative explained. The militants dumped Georgis’ body, which was later discovered by a Bartella resident and buried.