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A Test of Faith: A death in Glory


to live is christ to die is gain
Every now and then the news of ISIS making a few men kneel down, with their faces masked come to the headlines. What are they kneeling for? The question that is asked is “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” the answer that those barbarians get is “Yes”. What awaits this answer is death, a slow, painful death by beheading. Every one who answers yes knows what the consequences will be.

This seems to be happening all around the world. Christians are being beheaded just because of their faith. Proclamation of faith is what landed Nouman Masih under piles of mud, never to see the light of the day again. What was his fault? Why did a mother lose her son? Why did another Pakistani Christian fall prey to this extremist mind set? Till when will this endless list of atrocities committed on the Christian minority continue no one knows.

The situation around the world calls for a reality check. All of us need to question our understanding of faith. What must have gone through those that are beheaded by ISIS? Where did all the courage come from? Did Nouman Masih ever know what those passers by would do to him? He never knew it was a question of life and death. These inspirational stories of our heroes who give up their lives after declaring their faith makes us look deeper inside our selves.

What if you and I are put in a similar situation? Will we have the courage to answer the question? Look into the coward eyes of those standing in front of us and say “I believe in Jesus Christ.” For one instance everything a lot of things will cross our minds, our family, children, home, and every thing we are associated to. These might be our last words. A knife might then be put to our throat or we might be soaked in kerosene and set on fire.

The answer that all Christians should give to this question of faith is, “Yes I am a believer of Jesus Christ.” That knife will no longer hurt. That fire will no longer be hot. Those final moments of your existence might be the best ones of your entire life. Take a closer look at Nouman’s interview. The peace on his face exceeded his pain. He is a brave heart. A role model for all of us. There is no panic on the faces of those beheaded by ISIS. What calms them is their faith. This brings us to the Bible verse, Matthew 10: 32-33. “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.”

We might think for a moment that why should we answer yes or why did those who were asked this question say yes when they knew what might happen in the next minutes. The final declaration of faith will matter in ways we can not imagine. You will not die. You will live forever.