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A Victim of Hatred, Revenge and Religious Extremism Nouman Masih


Nouman Masih
15 year old Nouman Masih was shutting the tailor’s shop he worked for at the time of Jumma Prayers on Friday afternoon. That was when two young men approached him and asked him what his religion was. When Nouman claimed to be a follower of Christ, he was badly beaten up by those men. On trying to escape them the teenager started running only to by caught and set alight after petrol was thrown on him.

Two local Christians came to the rescue and an ambulance was immediately called, for taking the now unconscious Nouman to the hospital. He suffered from 55% burns and was immediately taken into medical care. Medics reported that he was severely burnt when he was brought into the hospital

FIR of the incident has been registered and Noumans statement has been taken by the police after he was stable enough to talk. This incident happened after twin bombing on the church in Youhanabad. After which the angry Christian mob caught two suspected terrorists who were firing on Church gate. They were publicly lynched and the Punjab Government declared them innocent.

This shows the hatred that is still breeding amongst our country men. Days after the public lynching Lahore Police raided every house of Youhanabad and rounded more than 400 Christian youth by breaking doors of Christian homes or climbing boundary walls in middle of night. They have also targeted a number of Christian rights activists. Local activists have said that burning of anyone is a great crime, but have remained largely silent when innocent Christians are burnt alive, such as the young couple thrown alive into a brick kiln in November 2014, but have raised a storm in this case.

Local Christians say that they have been living under fear because of the hatred against them. Young Nouman also stated that, “I don’t know them but I had an intuition that somebody will try to kill me and I told this to my family as well as to my Master but everybody just kept on saying that nothing will happen to me.”