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A Young Pakistani Christian Girl Got Raped by MuslimLandlord


A 15 year old Christian girl named, Fouzia Bibi, daughter of Malooka Masih who lived in Village Rooda, District Kausar.

Pakistani Christian Girl
Pakistani Christian Girl

His father worked as a laborer in the fields of a landlord.
Due to the financial condition of the family the girl helped his father in the fields to meet the ends for the sake of her family.

On 25 January 2013, When Fouzia Bibi was coming back from the fields; the two Muslim culprits abducted and imprison her in a room. And then undressed her forcefully and raped her. After her parents came to know about this sad incidence they went to the police station for help but the police didn’t pay attention to what they said.

Then they asked help from Rev Saleem Gill DS Pattoki Church Pakistan and with his help they registered a FIR against the rapist. Moreover, the culprits threaten their family told Malooka Masih. We demand justice for Fouzia Bibi and want the Government to take necessary steps to avoid such crimes from our society. (Gill, 2013)