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Abducted British Missionary Killed or Died in Nigeria?


The Foreign Office said that Alanna Carson, David Donovan and Shirley Donovan have returned to their families but Ian Squire, an optician from Shepperton in Surrey, was tragically killed.

Abducted British Missionary Killed or Died in Nigeria?

The four persons were abducted in the Niger Delta region on Oct. 13. Mr Squire founded the Christian charity Mission for Vision to provide training and eye equipment for clinics in countries. In 2013, he joined forces with the Donovans who run their own Christian health charity called New Foundations, with a string of remote clinics in the Delta region. Mr Squire is credited with developing a solar powered, portable lens-grinding machine for the clinics.
David Donovan (a medical doctor), his wife Shirley worked for New Foundations while Carson worked at an opticians’ in Leven Scotland.

It was unclear when and how the three were freed or how Squire died. The Foreign Office refused to comment during an ongoing investigation.

The families of the three persons thanked Nigerian authorities for negotiating the release.
Kidnappings for ransom are common in Nigeria. A number of high profile abductions have been carried out by militants in the Niger Delta region and by the Islamist group Boko Haram (Islamic State in West Africa formerly known as Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihād) in northeastern Nigeria.

There is contradictory news about Mr. Squire’s death. Some say Ian Squires was shot after leading a group in singing ‘Amazing Grace’ while other say he was asthmatic and diabetic and may have succumbed to a fatal asthma attack while in captivity. He was giving his life to try to help those folks in the south of Nigeria.

Curry said. “Nigeria is a country that’s divided into. You’ve got the southern portion that’s largely Christian, but you have tribal factions in the north. You have these extremists from Boko Haram.”

In November, a child suicide bombing killed more than 50 people in a mosque attack and another conflict between herders and farmers killed at least 30 people.

Nigeria is ranked number 12 on the Open Doors World Watch List of countries where Christians face the worst persecution.