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Abu Dhabi: We have always welcomed Christians and learnt a lot from them says, UAE Minister for Culture


Sheikh Nayan

Christians in Abu Dhabi applauded by the Minister of Culture.

According to details, the Minister of Culture Sheikh Nayan bin Mubarak al Nayan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development of the UAE acknowledged that the Emirates has learnt a lot form the Christians.

Shiekh Nayan was addressing the attendees at the occasion of completion of restoration of the Anglican Church of St. Andrew, in Abu Dhabi. The minister addressed the attendees inside the church and reiterated and applauded the policy of tolerance and respect for other religions employed by the Emirates rulers.

“The leadership of the UAE, firmly believes in tolerance and respect for different religious identities as the basis of peaceful coexistence, to create a society in which all people have equal opportunities to realize their potential as human beings,” he said.

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At this occasion he confirmed presence of various religious communities in the United Arab Emirates. He further stated that these religious communities are living in perfect harmony with each other; they are free to celebrate and practice their religious traditions while their places of worship were completely secured. The religious communities free to practice their faiths are not believed to be a threat to the traditions and norms of the Emirates. Moreover, he explained that presence of many religions is considered an oppertunity of mutual cultural enrichment in the Emirates. “We have welcomed you in our country, and we have learned a lot from you”, Sheikh Nayan said.

UAE is home to more than 900 Christians. Majority of this Christian community includes the immigrants who work in the Emirates hailing form various Asian countries. Christians are enjoying religious freedom and social harmony is the Emirates in sharp contrast to majority of the Muslim countries in the world.