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Abuse taints the crystal-clear character of children says Anita Bashir


Pakistani Christian artist Anita Bashir has been striving to portray the dire quandary of children when they suffer abuse. “A child is reflection of innocence and transparency,” she asserted while saying that the society nicks a child’ innocence and heaps debauchery on him instead which results mutates him into a beast.

Child abuse

In order to portray the abusive atrocities, which the children have to face in various forms basically, she used glass as a medium and painted 3D paintings depicting the after effects of child abuse and how it affects the personalities of children. Terming it as a burning issue, she emphasized that this issue needs to be addressed. “The happenings in the child’s life lead him/her to lose the instinctive transparency.”

She went on to explain, “In the suffering of life the children bear the pain. This work is about the process of snatching innocence from a child to become psycho patient.”

Child abuse in Pakistan

Anita Bashir painting

While explaining about her painting, she said, “The transparency is elaborated in the form of transparent panels painted in a way to visually explain the feelings of the child.” She went on adding, “The second and effective part of this work is the installation of videos besides the panel. This work focuses on the awareness of the parents that they can safe their child from child-abuse.”