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Activists in Faislabad Give “Red Card” On Child Labor


In a demonstration attended by many human rights organizations such as Peace for Nation International, Peace and Human Development and Ever Green Foundation in Faislabad, the government was given “red card” for child labor.

The red card is used as a symbol by the International Labor Organziation to voice its opinion and increase awareness about the prevention and elimination of child labor, explained Suneel Malik Director of Peace and Human Development.

The protest march to curb child labor was held in front of Faislabad press club where protestors demanded ban on employment of children less than 14 years of age. Shazia George, member of the Commission on the status of women in Punjab, says that “domestic child labor is difficult to ascertain, because it is very informal and hidden, and inspectors cannot monitor all homes where children may be subject to physical violence, long working hours, hazardous work environments and low-quality food and accommodation.” “The government – she continues – should immediately prohibit the domestic child labor, by inserting in the list occupations banned by the Employment of Child Act.”

According to an estimate by ILO, 5.7 million children less than the age of 17 are working on odd jobs such as waiters, shoe polishers, beggars etc.