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After-effects of Paris attacks: US House of Representatives votes against intake of Syrian refugees


US House

US House of Representatives has crushingly passed a legislation to hang up the intake of 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016.

Along with details, the US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed legislation to postpone Obama’s program to take in 10,000 refugees from Syria in 2016. The House approved this Republican-backed legislation by 289-137 with 47 of Obama’s 188 fellow Democrats cutting loose from the White House in order to support the legislation, although there remained a threat of veto from President Obama himself.

Following the deadly attacks carried out by ISIS in Paris this legislation was promptly drafted this week; which was moved to put off the acceptance of Syrian refugees while at the same time step up screening of refugees.

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The screening would require involvement of high-level officials including the FBI director, the director of national intelligence and homeland security secretary in order to authenticate that every Syrian refugee that is allowed in the US poses no substantial security risk.

Paul Ryan- Republican House Speaker stated that this bill would let-up the program the White House publicized earlier this year in September to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year. He said that it was significant to act speedily “when our national security is at stake.”

Loretta Lynch- President Obama’s attorney general, after the House vote labelled such screening both not viable and impracticable. “To ask me to have my FBI director or other members of the administration make personal guarantees would effectively grind the program to a halt.”

In the wake of Paris attacks, some of the Republicans had expressed fears that some refugees could be militants who are determined to attack the United States. They noted that there were reports that in any case one Paris attacker may have sneaked into Europe along with migrants registered in Greece.

This Republican-backed legislation under which the strictest-ever U.S. screening of refugees from a war-torn Syria would be implemented; was passed with the two-thirds majority. The bill now goes to the Senate, if it passes in the Senate, each chamber would have to assemble a two-thirds majority to countermand President Obama’s veto.