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Against all odds: Christians delighted over quashing of blasphemy charges against a Christian mother and son


Acquittal of blasphemy charges against a Christian woman and her son, welcomed by the Christian community. In a statement sent to Fides, Fr. Renald Remindran had expressed relief and jubilation over the miraculous occurrence. The accused woman and boy were hooked and interrogated on blasphemy charges on October 20.

Blasphemy accusations against Pakistani Christians

Shakeela Kausar, employed as a nurse at Civil Hospital in Quetta, and her 9-year-old son Izhan were accused of committing blasphemy by burning pages of holy Quran. They were arrested on October 20, the same day they were accused of committing blasphemy.

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Following the incident, local Christian and Islamic religious leaders played a vital part by intervening efficaciously and were able to resolve the case of alleged blasphemy. Details emerged that some local Christian leaders managed to get leaders of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) involved in the intervention process, and were able to acquire acquittal for the Christians respondents.

The matter was resolved the very next day, on October 21, Friday by the efforts of Christian and JUI leaders who played a key role to get the two of them vindicated. Consequently, blasphemy accusations were declared null and void. “We are delighted with this outcome. It is significant. In the province of Baluchistan no one so far has been charged and convicted for blasphemy,” stated Father Remindran.