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Agony beyond bearing: A Christian mother dies mourning over her blasphemy accused son’s apparent end


Christian woman dies

Lahore: Mother of a Christian blasphemy accused dies of consternation.

According to media reports, a Pakistani Christian woman Shahnaz Gill has died because of rigorous apprehension over the alleged blasphemy accusations on his son Adnan Prince. In line with details, Adnan Prince was accused of allegedly committing blasphemy by an Islamic outfit based in Township, Lahore about one and a half year ago.

As is customary in blasphemy cases against Christians in Pakistan, an FIR was registered by Police over the complaint of the religious group. Adnan was hooked by the police in the aftermath. A bail plea was filed by the Christian respondent which was anyway dismissed by the Sessions court in Lahore.

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Liaqat Jan, the defence counsel of blasphemy accused Adnan revealed that few days back Shahnaz Gill had visited him. “She was tensely inquiring about her son Adnan,” he said. I tried to comfort her while saying “Have faith in God, He will set Adnan free because he is not guilty.”

Liaqat Jan explained that Shahnaz Gill was continuously sobbing over the plight of her son. While shedding tears, Shahnaz left Liaqat Jan’s office and went home. It was just after a few days that she died and it is believed that she could not withstand the prolonged ordeal of her son with no immediate hope of his release in near future. She was laid to rest in Boray Wala.