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AirAsia Flight QZ8501 QZ8501 Wreckage Search Focuses On The Seabed 22 Dead Bodies Recoverd So Far

Airbus QZ8501wreckage still missing
AirAsia Flight QZ8501wreckage still missing

The search for AirAsia flight QZ8501 which crashed into the sea on Sunday has moved underwater. Moreover, specialist equipment ahs arrived which now facilitates underwater search. A French air crash investigation team is using sensitive audio detection devices in order to locate the plane and its “black box” flight recorders.

Airbus A320-200 was flying from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board when it vanished. Sadly, no survivors have been found and the cause of the crash remains mystery until the black box is found. So far 22 dead bodies have been recovered. There are speculations that the wreckage is at the bottom of the relatively shallow Java Sea. Several pieces of debris have been recovered, including what is thought to be part of a wing flap. But regardless of a considerable five-day search, the fuselage is still missing. Officials say most of the passengers could still be inside. The head of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency, Bambang Soelistyo, estimated the fuselage was at a depth of about 25-30m (80-100ft).