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ALBANIA: Muslims Capture Christians, Take Them To Slaughterhouses, Dissect Them While They Are Still Alive, Rip Their Organs Out, Kill Them And Then Sell Their Organs To Turkey And Saudi Arabia


An ex-Muslim reveals of brutal slaughter houses where Christians are slaughtered in Albania.

Christians slaughtered in Albania
Christians slaughtered in Albania

According to media reports, Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are actually kidnapping Christians in an effort to harvest and sell their organs before killing them. Earlier than this, a documentary produced in Germany also told the story of Albanian terrorists victimizing Christian Serbs, in order to sell their organs.

“They abduct people in Kosovo, Serbian people — in some cases Albanian people — and they take their organs… they torture the people and take their organs while they are still live.” He also said that the victims are usually, “Christians Serbs, young women, and men, and also children.”This story was reported by courageous and brave Walid and Theodore Shoebat out of Albania that has been breaking over the last couple of months. Despite several incidences of this kind being reported every now and then yet this news receives unbelief. 

According to reports, Muslims capture Christians, take them to slaughterhouses, dissect them while they are still alive, rip their organs out, kill them and then sell their organs to Turkey and Saudi Arabia.