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Aleppo Chaos: Horrifying tales of Christians burnt alive emerge


As the Syrian regime has managed to regain control of Syrian city of Aleppo, several horrifying stories of Christians burnt alive or Christian women committing suicide only to avoid being sexually assaulted. U.N. is reportedly carrying out investigations into the atrocities carried out in the besieged city. International media reports that despite the deal for a cease-fire in Aleppo heavy shelling still prevented the civilians to evacuate the city.

Syrian Christians

A former British Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell reportedly said, “Many of these terrified civilians trapped in this hell hole, which now resembles Stalingrad at the end of its destruction, are children
They have few places to hide.”

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News agencies have also confirmed stories of children being burnt alive to death, as a result of clashes between rebels and forces. The U.N. is reportedly now investigating accusations that the Syrian army executed as many as 82 civilians on the spot on one instance. “We’re filled with the deepest foreboding for those who remain in this last hellish corner,” said Spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville.

“Yesterday evening, we received further deeply disturbing reports that numerous bodies were lying on the streets,” he added. “The residents were unable to retrieve them due to the intense bombardment and their fear of being shot on sight.”

Sections of Aleppo had been held by rebels since 2012, but this week the government’s army has been making significant gains in recapturing the city.

Recently, a letter from a nurse who got trapped inside Aleppo was publicized; in her letter she wrote that she decided to take her own life rather than face rape at the hands of what she called “Syrian army animals.”

“I am one of the women in Aleppo who will soon be raped in just moments. There are no more weapons or men that can stand between us and the animals who are about to come called the ‘country’s army.’ I don’t want anything from you. I don’t even want your supplication, as I am still able to speak I think my supplication is going to be more truthful than what you say!” she wrote.

“I am committing suicide and I don’t care if you say I am in Hell-Fire. I am committing suicide because I did not remain firm in my deceased father’s home for all these years because his heart burned when he saw all those who left Aleppo.”

As the reports emerged, the International Committee of the Red Cross added that tens of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the city and “have literally nowhere safe to run. We urge the parties to consider the fate of civilians trapped by the ongoing fighting and do their utmost to spare and protect them. This may be the last chance to save lives.”