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Ali Zafar Hits Junaid Jamshed “Hard” After JJ’s Recent Controversial Remark About Women


Junaid Jamshed

Pakistani Pop Star turned-turned-televangelist Junaid Jamshed once again becomes controversial as he faces severe criticism over his recent remark about women. Junaid Jamshed once again fell into the pit of controversy when he remarked on a TV show, declaring that “Allah dislikes that any woman should be named [in the Quran].”
His recent controversial remark has caused massive outrage on the social media.As a result he has released his response in the form of a video message.

Seeing the gravity of the issue, Ali Zafar one of Pakistan’s top music sensations stepped forward and did not held back and questioned Junaid Jamshed publicly. Ali Zafar began by tweeting a question asking Junaid Jamshed if he believes women are inferior to men.

Ali Zafar Tweets

Junaid Jamshed actively replied to Ali Zafar’s tweet exclaiming “Not at All.”

Ali Zafar

To simplify JJ’s standpoint, Ali tweeted posting another question about the televangelist’s opinion on the role of women. Further questioning whether or not it’s OK for the women to get out of the house, work or drive a vehicle, to which Junaid Jamshed replied:

Junaid Jamshed

In reply Ali offered Junaid Jamshed to jam together so as to show mutual respect to women:

Ali Zafar Tweets

Junaid Jumshed on the other hand did not reply to Ali Zafar’s offer but asked him to follow him on twitter:

Junaid Jamshed

To which Ali replied:

Ali Zafar tweets

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