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All Set to Serve the Poor, Hospital by Pakistani Christian Pastor Now Open in Kasur



The Good Shepherd Christian Hospital, a project of Pakistani Christian Pastor Saleem Massey is the first hospital to be built by any Pakistani Christian.

The hospital’s inauguration ceremony which was attended by many local and foreign Christian leaders, took place this week.

According to details, the hospital located in Kasur’s adjoining village Pakhu was inaugurated by Minister for Religious Affairs, Pir Amin Ul-Hasnat Shah.

The inauguration ceremony started with a prayer from Pastor Jamil Nasir.

The chief guest, Hasnat Shah, talking to the participants praised the Pakistani Christian community and acknowledged their services in education and health sector. “Islamic history is witness to the fact that Christians have always worked for the betterment of Christians and Muslims alike.”

Highlighting the role of Christians in the establishment of Pakistan, he said “Similarly, Christians played a vital role in the establishment of Pakistan by casting the final vote that made real Iqbal’s dream. Christians always supported Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his struggle for Paksitan.”

“Even after the establishment of Pakistan, Christians have played their role in the education and health sector,” he added.

Good Shepherd Christian Hospital will be a unique hospital as it was made especially to help the poor in Kasur. There are many hospitals run by Christians in Pakistan but all of them were set up in the British era and then handed over to the Pakistani Christians at the time of Independence. Good Shepherd Hospital is the first hospital to be set up by a Pakistani Christian.

Ps. Saleem Massey with Orphaned Children

Pastor Saleem Massey originally from Lahore, saw the poor health conditions the unprivileged have to suffer. He explains that many people from the area cannot even afford to buy Aspirin. This urged the man of God to set up a hospital which would help the poor of Kasur.

When asked in another interview about the patients who will be treated in the hospital, Ps. Massey said that the majority of the population is Muslim with Christians making only about 2% of the population. So the majority of the people that the hospital will be treating would of course be Muslims. He further explained his vision by saying that Jesus has taught us to love everybody and that is what he aims to do through the hospital.

We wish this vision of the man of God touches many lives and is a source of encouragement and hope for others.