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Alleged Fraud In Church Of Pakistan Peshawar Diocese Uncovered


PESHAWAR: An alleged scandal of a Churchman exposed in Church of Pakistan Peshawar Diocese.


A Churchman exposed
A Churchman exposed


The critics of Bishop of Peshawar Humphrey S. Peters claim that he has illegally ordained himself to the position of Bishop of Peshawar. His critics sternly condemn and censure the letter written to the Bishop of Buckingham, by the Ex-Bishop of Peshawar Mano Rumal Shah. The claimants allegedly accuse Rtd. Humphrey S. Peters of misusing a Dimissory Letter written by the previous Bishop of Peshawar after his retirement.


The Church Property Bachao Tehrik in a message writes:


Although the Word of God in 1 – Timothy, Chapter 3, clearly provides qualifications for those desire to become Bishop; yet in complete disobedience to the said criteria, our present so-called Churchmen for lust of money are using un-orthodox, immoral and fraudulent tactics to acquire this sacred position. Attached Dimissory Letter was used by a Layman of Peshawar Diocese to get himself Ordained from the Church of England, contents of this letter written to the Bishop of Buckingham by the Bishop of Peshawar (after his retirement) explicitly affirms the fraud played by the gentleman (Humphrey Peters of Peshawar), who now purports to be the Bishop of Peshawar Diocese. The other documents attached herewith provide definition, purpose and procedure of Dimissory Letters along with a relevant Extract from Book STORM WARNING, written by Robin Brooke-Smith – Published in New York, I. B. Tauris, 2013). In case the contents of the Dimissory Letter issued for his Ordination were/are true then how is this gentleman still living and officiating in Peshawar Diocese?”
However, it is noteworthy that the alleged Retd. Rev. Humphrey S. Peters has been nominated in a fraud case of illegal withdrawal of money from the accounts of Edwards College Peshawar.