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America Stands with the Persecuted Christians


On Thursday Donald Trump stated the ‘repressive and brutal regimes’ namely Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea which are treating the religious minorities brutally. America stands in solidarity with all religious persecuted people, he added.

America Stands with the Persecuted Christians

President Trump pointed ISIS militants for physically tormenting the Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religious minorities.

With the defeat of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria, most of the dominion is declared free from their captivation. He said that America will not take rest until the whole region is not cleared from their rule. They are doing much better effort than previously done by any other ruler, he added.

The president Trump said that the National Prayer Breakfast “reminds us that faith is central to American life and to liberty”. He said that the founder of America appealed to God 4 times in the Independence announcement of America, even the currency of US have these words ‘In God We Trust’. Moreover he stated that when they recite the Pledge of Allegiance, all Americans claim to be ‘one nation under God’.

Trump stated that Americans rights are not man made rather they directly delivered to them from the creator of the world. Therefore no man on earth can snatch their rights from them. The words which engraved at the peak of Washington Monument, the similar words engraved in the hearts of the people of America. These words are ‘Praise to be God’.

In his speech Trump said that Americans love and admire God for his blessings on America. Throughout their history God blessed them and God’s grace could be observed all around America. The United States nation does many ‘acts of kindness, courage and generosity’, he added.

At this event he did not forget to recall the courageous ‘service members’, teachers, police and hard working parents who do double duty to provide their children better future.

He added that the Bible teaches us that human are God’s creation which are ‘created in Jesus Christ’ for doing good actions. He added that American citizens are not selfish rather their altruistic actions reflect the excellent soul.