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American Center for Law and Justice determined to get ebbing Asia Bibi released from the prison


The American Centre for Law and Justice has taken up the mind-numbing task of getting Christian woman on death row released from behind the bars. Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman has been languishing behind the bars since 2010. The organization has previously been involved in similar campaigns.

Asia Bibi blasphemy case

The American Center for Law and Justice, previously run a social media campaign for release of the Iranian Christian prisoner, Pastor Yousaf Nadarkhani, parallel to legal proceedings for his release from the prisoner. At the present, the organization has taken up the task to get Asia Bibi out of the prison. The organization is unwavering though the task being incredibly hard, as the Islamic country enjoys a religion-influenced penal and legal system.

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Just recently, a petition seeking release of blasphemy convict has been signed by more than 600,000 people. In addition, an Italian Member of European Parliament, Antonio Tajani moved a declaration in the European Parliament, demanding release of Asia Bibi. MEP Antonio Tajani laid emphasis on the dilemma of the Christian respondent. His written declaration, calls for dissolution of her death punishment and immediate release from the prison.

50-year-old, Christian woman is on death row, as is the penalty for the blasphemy convicts. However her defense counsels have challenged this award in Pakistan’ Apex Court, as she flags in the imprisonment waiting for the case hearing date in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She was accused of committing blasphemy by her fellow workers in 2009, later in 2010 a Session’ Court in Nankana District handed her capital punishment.