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American State California, refuses asylum to 27 Iraqi Christians


Iraqi Christians

27 Iraqi Christians who had been trying to evade violence at the hands of Islamic State, denied asylum by California.

According to details, 27 Chaldean Christians who were seeking asylum in the US, were refused asylum into the US, last month. However, they did manage to enter into the United States, but were detained at the Otay Detention Center near San Diego, in California.

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Despite the fact that majority of these Christian asylum seekers, had relatives living in the adjacent areas and showing a willingness to take them into their homes, these Christians were not allowed to live as refugees in the States.

In this regard, Father Michael Bazzi- Rector of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral in El Cajon, San Diego says the American government used to welcome Chaldean Christians in the past.

When asked about his opinion as to whether American government’s past inclination towards the Chaldean Christians he replied, “Yes, very much so. Let me give you an example. Years ago, 165 Chaldeans fled Iraq and were staying in a hotel in Tijuana, hoping to immigrate to the United States.

Although today we have a committee to help such people, at the time we did not, and I was actively involved as an individual in helping them. I wanted to draw attention to their plight, so I held a press conference.

Ten television stations came. I told the public that we Chaldeans are one big family, and we’re happy to welcome these 165 immigrants and take care of them. I also spoke with US immigration officials. They said to me, ‘Father Michael, in two days you will have them all.’ And so it was.”

Father Michael Bazzi, continued to complain about the current ignorance displayed by the American government when it comes to the plight of the Christians in Iraq. “Today, however, it is different. I don’t know why. We’re ready to take these 27 Chaldeans in and help them get back on their feet. We’ll support them financially; the taxpayers won’t have to. I don’t know why they won’t let us.”