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An age-old London church puts out the welcome mat for fasting Muslims offers iftaari to hundreds of them


A centuries old church in London, opened London church opened doors for fasting Muslims, and hosted grand Iftaar for hundreds of them. In an historic spectacular display of interfaith harmony, the age-old church harbored more than 400 Muslims to break their fast. London’ Mayor Sadiq Khan was also invited as a guest speaker.

British Church offers Iftaar to Muslims

London’ St. James’s Church, Piccadilly threw a lavish iftaar dinner in collaboration with the City Circle inviting hundreds of Muslims as well as adherents of other faiths. At this occasion, a prayer session was also organized and the church’ clergymen also fasted alongside Muslims in a gesture of interfaith harmony.

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While addressing the guests at the iftaar dinner, Mayor Sadiq Khan said that Muslims need to extend a softer image of Islam to people from other faith. It has been imperative for Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Christians and others to join forces and beat poverty and inequality in London.

London Mayor while talking to Geo News said, that he takes pride in the fact that a London church had opened arms for Muslims during Ramadan and had invited them over for a grand iftaar dinner. “Muslims, Jews, Hindus and others have come together to break their fasts and they are working together for good causes. We need to do more such projects.”

“I am the mayor for all Londoners. St. James’s Church has set a great example by hosting the Iftar dinner. Revd Lucy Winket fasted today to show solidarity, it’s a great example for all of us. In the UK, Muslims are a minority and such positive gestures are shown. Whether Muslims are majority or minority in a country, we all need to come together to build bridges,” he said

Reverend Lucy Winket, rector of St James’s Piccadilly, told Geo News that the aim behind throwing an iftaar dinner was to bring Christian and Muslim communities together; as the Muslims observe Ramadan. She explained that it was a great experience for her to fast alongside Muslims, which made her realize “the sacrifice that goes into fasting around 19 hours a day.”