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An agitated mob set a factory on fire over blasphemy accusations


Blasphemy accusations

An agitated mob sets a factory on fire, over allegations of blasphemy.

In keeping with details, an agitated mob has set a factory on fire in Jehlum yesterday Friday, November 20. The owner of this factory was from Ahmediya community. It has been learnt that the mob set the factory on fire after one of the employees of the factory was accused of blasphemy.

Hundreds of infuriated people gathered around the chipboard factory, and set it on fire after the rumours spread that one of the employees of this factory had committed blasphemy by allegedly desecrating Holy Quran. In this regard, the local Islamic clerics had once again incited the crowd by delivering provocative speeches using mosque loudspeakers.

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In this regard, a spokesperson Jamat-e-Ahmadia Saleemudin stated, “About 80% of the factory, Pakistan Chipboard Factory, has been destroyed along with six residences in the factory. Ahmadi families have fled the area to save their lives, leaving their houses at the mercy of the unbridled mob.”

He revealed that all the workers and employees were safe after the incident. Moreover, he added that police was present at the scene when the enraged mob was setting the factory on fire, and completely failed to pacify the mob.
He said that fear has struck the Ahmediya community. “If the police does not take stern action against the perpetrators, there are chances of them burning down the houses of the Ahmadis too.”

Moreover, recently agitated mob had set an Ahmediya place of worship on fire, today Saturday, November 21, as their anger has still not subsided.