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An Ahmadi lawyer gunned down in Nankana Sahib


A lawyer hailing from the Ahmadiya community in the country has been targeted; the fatal attack occurred in Nankana Sahib. Advocate Malik Saleem Latif, who is a rights defender was gunned down by the unknown attackers on March 30. The deceased was riding a bike while son was driving the bike. Advocate Latif was on his way to the Nankana Sahib District Courts, when the attackers interceded and opened fire at him.

Religious minorities in Pakistan

In line with details, Advocate Malik Saleem Latif was a leader of the Ahmadiyya community. His son also sustained injuries as a result of the firing, however of minor nature. A banned outfit in a statement said that Advocate Malik Saleem Latif had been targeted: “for spreading Ahmadi beliefs in the region”.

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On the other hand, the Nakana Sahib police claim they have arrested a suspect identified as Rashid. There are reports that the same group has also been threatening to kill prominent Christian lawyer Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill. The Christian lawyer had survived a similar attack, and was left with no other option but to leave the country.

Advocate Latif was a prominent member of the Ahmadiya community in Nanakana Sahib, and was the target of many other militant groups. This has been the first ever recorded attack on the Ahmadiya community in the country. A report published about the persecution of Ahmadis in the year 2016 stated that six Ahmadis lost their lives in sectarian killings.

Saleemuddin, a spokesman of the Ahmadiya community said that the government had completely failed to implement the National Action Plan in order to curb the activities of those who “incite hatred against Ahmadis. As many as 700 articles that fuel violence were published in national newspapers last year.”