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An American doctor undertakes the task of raising donations for Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand


Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand

Dr. Fahim Raheem an American doctor has taken up the task of helping Pakistani Christian refugees seeking asylum in Thailand.

According to Dr. Fahim, he was contacted by a man who was running a church orphanage in Pakistan. “He shared with me that some of his support was coming from a woman in medical school in California,” he said.

Deeply moved by the man’s plea he took a vow to do what he could to help with the orphanage. His efforts to lend a hand to the orphanage led him to several contacts in Thailand, by means of which he was informed of the plight of more than 4,000 Christian refugees from Pakistan living in state of misery in the Thai capital Bangkok.

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After learning these stories, Dr. Fahim went in person to one such refugee camp of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers where he became friends with Christian photo journalist Shakeel Malik.

Dr. Faheem says, Shakeel Malik narrated him about his own story of troubles. Shakeel Malik told him, that he was threatened by Pakistani authorities for trying to help Christians in Pakistan. As a consequence, he fled to Bangkok with his wife and two children.

Dr. Faheem says, “I sat down with the family and learned more about it,” Fahim said. “I want to bring this to light.”

Dr. Faheem strongly criticized the Pakistani government saying, “Pakistan gets billions from us.” And as a result the Pakistani government has the responsibility to protect the religious minority living there from human rights violations on religious grounds.

He also noted that the currently prevalent blasphemy laws in Pakistan have led to unlawful imprisonment of several Christians living in Pakistan. He added, “The biggest thing will be to raise awareness.”

Dr. Faheem made certain that he has by now put forth an appeal to local churches in the Southeast Idaho, including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to raise donations of food, clothing and medical help for the Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand.