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An Egyptian Christian severely persecuted for his faith flees to Germany


Coptic Christians

Severe persecution, threat to life, an Egyptian Christian flees from his country to save his life.

In keeping with details, an Egyptian Christian namely Mina flees from his country to save his life. The 25-year-old, Christian lived in Port Said, Egypt but now is living as a refugee in Bonn, Germany.

“I feel safe here. When I am sad and miss my home, I pray and that comforts me.” In 2003, he left Egypt, “They mistreated us every day,” he said.

Mina, has adorned his room with crosses while a wall hanging with portrait of Joseph and Marry journeying in Egypt carrying baby Jesus. He narrated the story of his ordeal while talking with a German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.
He said that a time came when persecution reached its apex. It became almost impossible to go to church, during Ramadan, he says. Christian women were not allowed to leave their homes without covering their heads.

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He said, when a woman from Muslim community was baptized by Coptic Christian community. When the news of this conversion spread, a mob of Muslims gathered in a short time. The mob arrived at the church screaming, yelling and kidnapped the young woman who had converted to Christianity.

During this attack, Mina was also attacked as he was also present in the church at that time. An attacker stabbed him in the stomach, a scar from his stomach till forearm still remains. However, after this attack, he stayed in the country for five more years, however, it has been two years that he left Egypt.

“I couldn’t take it anymore.” After fleeing from Egypt, he reached Libya, however, situation worsened in Libya also and he had to flee. He reached Egypt and applied for asylum in Munich. Later in June 2013, he moved to Bonn, Germany. At the same time, his parents are still living in Egypt.