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An Ex-ISIS Jihadist Reveals Horrific Dealings With Women

an Ex- ISIS members reveals inside story
an Ex- ISIS members reveals inside story

An ex-ISIS member, who lived and worked with the militant Islamic terror group in Syria, gave a gruesome and seedy glimpse inside the terror group’s operation highlighting the brutal rape of Christian women after their husbands are beheaded and a promise of “72 eternal virgins in heaven” to ISIS fighters.

Speaking under the pseudonym Sherko Omer, the ex-ISIS member told that members of the terror group are promised eternal virgins and are allowed to have sex with non-Muslim women, even if they are married. Christian women, he explained, were sexually assaulted after their husbands were beheaded during the time he was with the group. “You can buy and sell these women, but for the children you have to raise them as home workers or teach them to become jihadists,” he continued.