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An Extremist Group Threatens To Torch A Christian Colony In RahimYar Khan


RAHIM YAR KHAN:  Religious intolerance on rise in the country, as local Christians receive death threats from extremists.


Christians in Rahim Yar Khan under threat from an extremist group
Christians in Rahim Yar Khan under threat from an extremist group

  The Christian residents of Nasrat Colony, Bheel Nagar- RahimYar Khan imperilled as they anticipate a possible assault from the religious extremists.


The VOICE team learnt about the incident from a source, informing them that in Nasrat colony about 2,000 Christian families are exposed to a religious extremist group which is threatening them where almost 2,000 Christian families reside in the locality. A radical Islamic organization attacked the colony whilst threatened the Christians that they will torch the whole colony within two days.


As reported the source of this incident being a dispute between a Christian and Muslim family. Sadiq Masih’s family had a dispute with family of Mohammad Javed Sanjhu. The issue was inflamed when Muslims aroused over the dispute on 21st June, 2013 at about 6:00 pm in the evening saying that Sadiq Masih’s son-in-law is sexually harassing the Muslim women of Javed’s family. Subsequently, a gang of around 20 men broke into Sadiq Masih’s home raising slogans and firing at the house. The appalled neighbours called the police, meanwhile the residents of Nasrat Colony gathred around the house which caused the gang to retreat. The alarmed residents of the Nasrat Colony went to the police station to file a complaint against the extremist group. On their way back they heard the announcements on the loudspeakers of the Mosques that were inviting all members of the group to attack the Christian Colony.


Meanwhile, a mob horded around the colony, while the terrified Christians called the police but nobody came, the residents resolved to protest publicly against the police and the group which managed to incite the police to intervene. As the police arrived at the scene they managed to disperse the crowd.


As soon as the VOICE was informed about this incident, they immediately contacted the concerned DPO, DSP, and SHO Malik Ashraf, of the police station C-Division RahimYar khan to take instantaneous action and ensure the protection of the opperessed residents of Nasrat Colony. Later at about 12:00 am SHO told the VOICE team that he has deputed two police wagons and is arranging for more Squad that will be arranged by 2:00 am.


Despite the police has been deployed, the terrified Christians still sit outside their houses, trying to protect their houses unsure about the security provided by police.