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An Indian pastor secretly smuggles bibles into most repressive Muslim countries


Pastors in India

An Indian pastor has been running an under cover ministry to help Muslims who had converted to Christianity and also smuggling bible into the most antagonistic Muslim countries.

61-year-old, Pastor Paul, (as his identity is being withheld) converted to Christianity in his 20s, while he was studying in college. He is running a ministry of planting house churches and supplying bibles to Christians and Muslims in some of the most hostile Islamic countries of Asia.

Pastor Paul, is no doubt among one of the most wanted by the Islamists in the region, and utmost attempts were made by extremists to destroy his ministry. Moreover, the extremists have also carried out attacks on him; however, these attacks have not been able to intimidate him. He said that he has barely escaped death at several occasions, as he and his associates are engaged in trying to help those who wish to convert to Christianity. “I am now more than 30 years in ministry since the Lord made me a preacher,” he says.

His ministry smuggles bibles into some of the most anti-Christian Islamic countries including the disputed Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries of Gulf and Middle East. He said that bibles are smuggled into Pakistan and Bangladesh in holes and corners.

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“I am seriously evangelizing an Arab family at their house,” he told about his current project. “We are distributing Bibles published by Bible societies. We will get Bibles in all languages, especially Arabic and Urdu language Bibles. We purchase standard Bibles, which costs below U.S. $5 each. We arrange transportation also.”

Pastor Paul further revealed that his ministry plants underground churches in Christians where they are being continuously persecuted, harassed, beaten and afflicted in many other ways. “Here very secretly we do ministries and having prayer services. Me and my team members staying different places. If we feel anybody suspecting us, we will have to change our location.”

Pastor Paul, says that he meets those who want to convert to Christianity secretly, often at their houses. He told that he shares the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. “I would say almost all the countries are hunger of the gospel. Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Libya are most hunger of the Gospel.”

He went on to reveal that Islamic countries like Egypt and Iran are more than ever eager for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and these countries are seeing huge revivals. However, in areas where he is uncertain about the devotion of people, his ministry team tests the locals in order to know whether the local population will be receptive to the gospel message or not. “We will test first whether people are interested to listen us, then only we will approach them with Gospel.”