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An Iranian Court Sentences Three Pastors To Six Years In Prison Over Church Related Activities


An Iranian Islamic court has sentenced three Christian leaders of the country’s largest evangelical house church movement to six years imprisonment each on charges linked to their Christian activities.

Pastors imprisoned in IRAN
Pastors imprisoned in IRAN

According to media reports, Pastor Behnam Irani, Pastor Matthias Haghnejad, and Deacon Silas Rabbani of the Church of Iran were sentenced Sunday, October 19, for “acting against national security” and forming “a group to overthrow the government”, a well-informed church official told an international news house.

“They received this verdict under Section 498 of the Islamic Penal Code,” added Firouz Khandjani, a council member of the Church of Iran. The verdict was issued by Judge Asel Al-Hosseyn of what is known as ‘1st Branch of the Revolutionary Tribunal’ in Karaj city, he confirmed.