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An Iranian Muslim Refugee Evangelizes Christianity in Sweden


Annahita conversion and preaching Jesus’ gospel among other Muslims in Sweden at her own risk makes her a symbolic figure in the whole Europe.

An Iranian Muslim Refugee Evangelizes Christianity in Sweden

Parsan is now 47 and mother of two children, brought up in Isfahan province of Iran as a Muslim with other four children. When she got married she was only 16 years of age. In 1979 she gave birth to a son David, it was a revolutionary era under the reign of Ayatollah Khomeini. At the age of 18 her husband died in a car crash leaving one year old son behind him. Later according to the law the child was given in his grandfather’s custody which she took back after several months efforts.

At the age of 20 she married to a widower who later beat her son brutally. As Islamic law she could not be divorced during pregnancy she waited for her delivery. When Iran Iraq war was on its way she gave birth to a girl whom she named Roksana. In 1984 Parsan’s whole family fled to Turkey during winter. For their illegal entry in Turkey they were put into jail in Agri district. After a month in prison they were released and made to Istanbul. Later with nine months effort they saved enough money to go to Denmark.

Parsan told that a woman came to her one day to share gospel but since I was a Muslim woman I did not like her at all. But next day she came again and gave Parsan a holy Bible which she kept in secret from her husband Asghar.
After a year Parsan began to read the word of God which gave her peace of mind and soul. She asserted, “It was magic.”

But soon in 1989 during Christmas days, her husband savagely behaved with her for having Bible. In response of his treatment she tried to commit suicide and came to conscious in the hospital. She was miraculously saved. In the hospital during investigation policemen revealed that many scurrilous men are kidnapping children to deport them to Iran. Therefore she left Denmark and went to Sweden with her children David and Ruksana, where she got baptized and lived happily there for many years.

In 2006 she escaped in a severe car accident and decided to spend her life in evangelism by saving other Muslims’ lives by making them to faith in Jesus Christ.

After completing seminary of five years she was appointed as a Church minister in Sweden in 2012. Presently she preaches the Word of God among Muslim community who speak farsi. She told that some Muslims come to church in curiosity, some as asylum seekers and some only to visit new places. Then they get baptized in secret and went back.
She asserted that in last five years she became a source of converting around 1,500 people to Christianity.

An Iranian refugee now risks her life in preaching gospel. She said, “I have serious threats at least a couple of times per year, a threat of a knife attack or a bomb attack. I have a police officer attached to my case I can always call, and we have security during our services. I have other threats from my own distant family members. But for me, what I do is worth it.”