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An Iraqi Christian Woman Who Refused To Convert Even When ISIS Militants Kept A knife On Her Throat


Khiria an Iraqi Christians tells the tale of her encounter with the ISIS saying she and her husband, Mufeed Wadee’ Tobiya, awoke on the morning of August 7 to find that Qaraqosh had been taken over by ISIS fighters.

A Christian woman who refused to denounce Christian faith
A Christian woman who refused to denounce Christian faith

She tells, the ISIS militants, “Who spoke different languages” repeatedly told her from the beginning that if she did not convert to Islam she would be decapitated. When she refused, she and 46 women who likewise refused were separated from their families and whipped and beaten over a 10-day period in an attempt to make them renounce their Christian faith.

“I answered the terrorists immediately, I was born Christian and if that leads me to death, I prefer to die a Christian,” she said.

She said that none of the women capitulated under the scourging and other cruelties inflicted upon them. “All of us were crying but refused to convert,” Khiria said.  On the 10th day all of the women were assembled together again and a terrorist “put the sword on my neck in front of all the ladies and said to me: ‘Convert or you will be killed.'”

Khiria answered: “I am happy to be a martyr.”