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An Iraqi priest pleads to Pope Francis to help stop the genocide of Christians in the Middle East


Pope Francis

An Iraqi priest pleads Pope Francis to take actions to stop genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria.

According to media reports, an Iraqi priest Father Behnam Benoka is calling upon Pope Francis to take actions so that leading powers in the world would look into preventing genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria.It was after the advance of ISIS when an ISIS jihadist expelled Father Behnam Benoka who is an ex- rector of the seminary in Mosuland other Christians from their homes in Mosul last summer, they fled emoty handed leaving all their possessions, money, documents, and other valuable behind.

“We carried nothing but our faith,” Father Benoka is now serving in a makeshift health clinic at a refugee camp aimed to minister to the refugees displaced religious minorities near Erbil, which is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Father Benoka not only serves himself but also went about searching for volunteers who could join his makeshift hospital for refugees.

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In his desperation, Father Benoka wrote a letter to Pope Francis, urging him to pray for these displaced Christians. It was reported that Pope Francis answered his plea with a phone call, vowing to Benoka that “I will never leave you.”

“I wrote to him that we are dying, we are suffering, I am afraid that his children, his little children are dying, please help them, help us. He called me. He told me certainly, sure I am with you, I will not forget you, I will do all possible to help you.”

Currently, during his present visit to the United States, when the Pontiff is also on visit to the U.S. he intends to remind Pope Francis to raise his voice against the genocide of Christians in the Middle East.

“He is our father he could go to places we cannot. As the messenger of the church, of the Christian persecuted, I hope he can defend us to the authorities. I hope, especially now in this great nation, in the U.S.A., he could share our message, to authorities here in Congress, the White House and U.N., to speak against our genocide, and to defend us here. That is our hope,” Father Benoka said while talking to The Telegraph.