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An Iraqi Priest tells his congregation that Christ’s love transcends the evil committed by the Islamic State


displaced Iraqi Christians

Iraqi Priest helping Christians see God’s love amid sufferings at the hands of ISIS.

It has been one year since the ISIS has taken over control of the Nineveh plain which caused about 120,000 local Christians to flee from the militant group. These Christian refugees had to face countless problems since they left their homes. A large number of these refugees now taking shelter in Erbil, still face challenges on daily basis.

Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil is helping Christian refugees to put their hopes in God and see off these worst times with patience. He says, “Today we can say that Iraqi Kurdistan is safe and its government is of great help to us. Now we wait for the liberation of our lands but, more importantly, we expect them to be made safe before we can start reconstruction.”

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“As a bishop I must take care of the daily needs of my people and show them that Christ’s love transcends the evil committed by the Islamic State,” he continued to say.

The Christian refugees are no longer living in tents in Erbil which is the capital of Kurdistan. But 11 schools have been constructed for them, whose buildings are being used by these refugees. Moreover, Archbishop Warda, is also looking forward to establish a university for these refugees in Erbil.

“Our ancestors chose education as a means of promoting culture in the land of Mesopotamia, which was theirs when it was invaded from the Arab desert at the time of Islam’s expansion. The situation is very similar today, with Christians facing the onslaught of the Islamic State,” he added.