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An Old Pakistani Christian Man Requests For Prayers And Support


A wearied old Christian man allegedly accused of committing blasphemy seeks help, as he and his care worn family continue to live a fearful life.


File photo of Walter Fazal Khan and his wife Gladys
File photo of Walter Fazal Khan and his wife Gladys

Reginald Walter Fazal Khan and his wife viciously victimized of religious extremism, beseech National and International Christian organizations to help him cope with the ever worsening circumstances he and his family are going through.



In his desperation, he called upon Christians to help him as he narrates the tragic episode saying:


“I am requesting you please help me, my name is Reginald Walter Fazal Khan my wife Gladys and all family members are Christians went together to Church my wife went to Church every Sunday she was 86 year old my family was leading very happy and prosperous life. Quite a Few numbers of servants were working in our house from time to time. But In 2005 my wife brought a servant Raja Raiz for taking care of, cleaning and cooking. On 09-05-2007 at 9 A.M morning when no one was at home except my wife me and Saleema and ailing Samuel were upstairs Then Raja got the chance as no one was at home he burnt the Holy Quran. And collected the people from the Mosque and went out of the house shouting that i R-Walter had burnt the Holy Quran and in few moments large number of Muslims surrounded me abusing and try to harm me bodily.


Raja and his wife had locked my wife in the Washroom, some of the crowd rushed upstairs, when my daughter in law Saleema watched the crowd coming upstairs she locked the door from inside the crowd continued banging and damaged the door and they were shouting these people are infidel kill them . At this moment the Police arrived took hold of me and rushed me to the Police Station Samanabad. And did they best pacify the crowd.


After Raja (servant) in collusion with Muslim clerics forcibly converted my wife Gladys under threat of life and if she did not accept to become a Muslim they would burn the house together with her. And police warned all residing to not enter the premises.


6th June 2007 my wife passed away. The Muslims buried her in a Muslim graveyard (Mianishab). I was granted bail by the Session Court. Ever Since then i am in constant danger from those Muslims who are being instigated by Raja that i together with Saleema and her Children are involved this heinous crime. I have lost my house, my wealth. We are now homeless; we are still concealing our where-abouts. Our lives are still in fear and threats.


In the end I would like to mention that I have been accused of an offence under section 295-B of the PPC. (Blasphemy)”


Even though Walter was released on bail before long after his arrest, yet his family continues to face harassment and threats. They have lost their home and are forced to go in a hide-out.


As Walter Fazal Khan has called upon all Christians, please keep on praying for Walter and his family.