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Angered Christians seek apology from CDA chief over biased statement


Pakistani Christians

Christians have overtly expressed indignation and ire over the Capital Development Authority’s bigoted statement over demolition of Christian populated slums in the capital.

According to details, continuous s being directed at the outrage Capital Development Authority (CDA) over its bigoted statement regarding demolition of slums which are largely inhabited by Christians. Previously, CDA had maintained in a written response submitted in the Apex Court that since these slums are predominantly inhabited by Christians who are increasingly growing in numbers. This increased population of Christians can cause a threat to the Muslim population of Islamabad.

CDA in its written reply which was submitted in the Supreme Court regarding the case of slums (katchi abadis) demolishing “it is necessary to identify the fact that most katchi abadis (slums) are under the occupation of the Christian community and have shifted from across the country and occupied government land so boldly it has been allotted to them and it seems this pace of occupation of land may affect the Muslim majority of the capital.”

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Several religious minorities groups are asking for an unconditional apology from CDA’s head- Maroof Afzal, over the controversial written reply from CDA which was submitted in the Supreme Court. Previously, the Apex Court had asked CDA to submit a written reply explaining the cause of its slums demolition drive.

In the wake of this controversial statement, Shahzad Anjum from Christian Youth Uplift Forum (CYUF), said, “The reply is contradictory to the ground situation and shows the CDA’s ignorance about exact population in the city.”

Christian Youth Uplift Forum (CYUF), is an Islamabad based non-governmental organization which is striving for the betterment of the marginalized Pakistanis. Shahzad Anjum while remarking about first hand knowledge said that, Capital Development Authority’s reply was merely a “pack of lies, tantamount to disgracing minorities.”