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Angie Marshall: Well known, award winning, Pakistani Christian makeup artist


Angie Marshall: Well known, award winning, Pakistani Christian makeup artist

Angie Marshall female Christians is one of the most reputed makeup artists of Pakistan who has been in the business since the 80s. She is a Pakistani Christian who has risen to a well recognized stature.

She started pursuing her love for hair and makeup in the early 70s at her mother’s salon who was and still is her biggest inspiration. Angie has a huge clientele of happy customers in Karachi and is a master of her craft. What sets her apart from the big names in the industry is her love for human beings and her laid back style.

Angie Marshall has numerous accolades to her name as well; the most prominent is of course her participation as a hairstylist in the Miss Universe pageant 2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has won numerous awards and recognitions all over the world. She also won Hair Asia Pacific, Hair Draw Mart Outstanding Pakistan Performer Trophy 2003 at Singapore.

Angie is a well accredited name among Pakistani Christians recognized on an international level. She has made appearances in many morning shows and is also a dress designer.

Since 1982, Angie has been adding milestones to her journey. She has been working as a freelance corporate grooming expert, beauty advisor and aesthetics and style consultant for various individuals and organizations including airline training centers, finishing schools and corporate business houses.

Being the CEO of Angie’s Saloon and Institute, she has also conducted workshops in collaboration with Schwarzkopf, Kraylon Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble (Pak) Ltd and many other internationally acclaimed brands. Her saloon is also a teaching institute and has been sending out trained professionals into the industry for many years now.

Angie Marshall’s achievements and professional development is a source of pride for Pakistani Christians.