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Angry mob sets the church on fire where Pastor makes his congregants eat live snakes


snake pastor

Angry mob burns the church where Pastor made his congregation eat snakes in town of South Africa.

According to media reports, angry mob had burnt the tent used for worship meetings by the South African Pastor and so called Prophet Penuel Mnguni who fed his congregation live snakes to test their faith.

Photos of this sinister practice were posted on social media by End Times Disciples Ministries showing ‘Prophet’ Penuel Mnguni dropping a live snake into the mouths of his congregants. What is more, the caption read: “Those with small faith eats only vegetables but the ones with a great faith eats everything. During service Man of God commanded a snake to change into a chocolate and it obeyed. People ate it and enjoyed it. To God Be The Glory!”

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False Prophet Mnguni was arrested afterwards, he was consequently charged with animal cruelty but however, he was bailed. Nonetheless, despite arrest and charges Mnguni is said to have continued his contentious practices.

It is reported that agitated members of a group known as the Economic Freedom Fighters paraded towards his tent church. The mob vowed to force Pastor Mnguni to eat the snakes and rats he has been giving to his own congregation to eat.

However, they failed to find him; as a result they destroyed the tent, and afterwards the local people burnt the tent. Noticeably, it is not the first time that Mnguni and his congregation have bumped into controversy.

However, previously in May, the End Times Disciples Ministries were in news headlines once photos of there congregants stripping their clothes off during a service and lying down while the pastor rode them were posted on social media.