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Anita Bashir : Young Pakistani Christian Artist Got Talent


Anita-Bashir -got-talent-a-Young-Pakistani-Christian-Artist

Anita Bashir, daughter of Reverend Khurshid Bashir is a young Christian talent. She is studying fine arts specializing in sculpting, painting and print making. Apart from that she is also a Sunday School teacher and a singer.

Anita’s father Rev. Bashir is a gospel singer and her mother has also served as a Sunday school teacher and is now running a school. Having been brought up in an environment of learning, Anita had a passion for drawing and fine arts since childhood. She passed intermediate and started a bachelor’s degree in 2011.

Anita has also featured on two programs on P.T.V (Pakistan Television) as a freelance artist painting a Ragamala painting. Her source of inspiration is God who made this universe full of designs and colours. She loves God and takes inspiration from His works. Anita also looks upon her parents as inspirational human beings who have helped her along the way. As an artist she thinks nature is a gift of God.

Anita thinks that as an artist her job is the need of this time and the society she lives in. Artists can train new minds for peace and unity in the society. She believes the use of street art and paintings and the media can play a very important role in inculcating peace and creativity in Pakistan. The young generation needs to be taught to appreciate art and its contribution in making the society.

Her message for girls in Pakistan is to keep fighting for their rights because the evil can’t win until goodness surrenders itself. She aims to motivate Pakistani youth to gain higher education because this is the only way to make the country prosper.

Anita has a message to give to the world. She appeals to the world to stop tagging Pakistan as a terrorist country.  She is a proud Pakistani Christian who wants to make a mark through her work of art.